The MASCHIO ORCHARD TILLER is an all gear drive unit (no belts or chains)

* Smooth your orchard floor.

* 10 ft and 12 ft wide with heavy duty smooth roller.

The Rears Mummy Mulcher will pulverize the shaken almond and pistachio mummies to help reduce the Naval Orange Worm larvae and assure a clean crop for next season.


The Frank Russell BERM BLASTER is an easy one-pass blower that will leave your orchard berms clean and ready for herbicide spraying. You can even attach your sprayer directly in back of it for efficient one-pass application.


The NUT CROWDER gathers crop from the end of each lane and positions it to prevent harvester spillage on the corners.

* Eliminates lane end hand raking labor with a tractor and driver.

* Less labor & more efficient - takes seconds compared to 5 to 10 minutes per end with hand crew.

* Virtually eliminates ground crop loss.

Hookup is 3 point, Cat II.